Common Organizational Challenge #1: Short-Termism

En regenerativ gruppe mennesker, der sidder omkring et bord i et klasseværelse.

The next weeks we will be posting regenerative solutions to common challenges. At Promentum Nordic we strive to continuously explore and develop the regenerative practices that drive the change that is now called for. The following weeks, you will get concrete tools for regenerative leadership solutions to some of the most common challenges our clients experience in these years – here, short-termism.

Common Organizational Challenge #1: Short-Termism

Many organizations suffer from a focus on short-term profits over long-lasting sustainability and growth.

What nature does: 

Nature is always in it for the long run and is by its very essence a interconnected, living system that is ever-evolving, whose future is sensitive to the decisions taken today.

Regenerative solution:

Regenerative leadership emphasizes a longer-term, holistic view, considering the future impacts of decisions made today. Such leadership paves the way for long-lasting growth, ensuring decisions made today enrich lives, fortify communities, and protect our planet.

This holistic perspective resonates deeply with Millennials and Gen Z, heralding an era of endurance.

The question for you to explore: 

What decisions and processes could you adjust now that includes the considerations of the long term future impact of your organization for all stake holders involved?

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