Regeneration from within

A leading edge full immersion leadership & business owner workshop deepening your learning of the regenerative paradigm in leadership, organizational transformation and business development.

What is it

Embodied Regenerative Consciousness & Transformation for leaders, founders, decision-makers is designed to provide a transformative learning experience aimed at cultivating a more conscious and regenerative approach to life & leadership. 

You will not only get knowledge and insight into regenerative consciousness & leadership, you will also get a very concrete experience of how to apply the regenerative mindset to your everyday leadership and business. 

Who is it for

Transformational Leaders 
Visionary leaders, change-makers, and influencers who are dedicated to transforming themselves, their organizations, and society at large. 

Impact Founders & Entrepreneurs 
Purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business owners who aspire to build regenerative businesses going from a “net zero” to a “net plus” mindset in their stakeholders . 

Front Runner Executives 
C-suite executives, senior managers, and decision-makers ready to explore the regenerative inner experience as a tool for their leadership and cultural transformation of their organizations and businesses. 

Leadership Coaches and Facilitators 
Coaches, facilitators, and consultants who guide leaders and teams on their personal and professional development journeys. 


Participants in this course should be ready for: 

  • Purpose Driven: A wish to contribute to a better world and interest in creating life-giving conditions for people, organizations, communities. 
  • Commitment to Self-Exploration: A willingness to engage in self-reflective practices and challenge own comfort zones. 
  • Openness to Embodied Practices: An openness to embodied practices as a means of deepening self-insight and creating a strong body-mind connection. 
  • Authenticity and Vulnerability: A willingness to show up authentically, embracing vulnerability and fostering deeper connections with their inner nature & others. 
  • Giving Mindset: An willingness to contribute to the greater good of the group. 
  • Sensory Awareness: A curiosity about deep sensory awareness and a desire to integrate sense & respond practices into their daily lives and leadership style.

Through experiential learning and practices, you will cultivate the skills and awareness to lead and collaborate in a volatile reality from a place of sensory awareness, courage, clarity and authenticity creating organizations that honor the well-being of all stakeholders, be it organizations, people, places or planet.

Learn & experience 

Regenerative leadership & consciousness – what is it and why is it critical at this time in history

How to create a state of “body-mind” – deeply uniting and harmonizing sensing and thinking

How to practice and integrate the pivotal inner regenerative tool “Sense & Respond”

How to make razor sharp decisions in an ever changing environment by using regenerative listening levels

How to activate your “inner nature” as part of your being and navigate from a place of deep knowing in your everyday actions and decisions

How to create cultures of always giving more than taking, authentic connection to self, others and the surrounding energy field, fostering presence in every day settings, developing high levels of purposeful action in organzational processes

The workshop is experiential learning contextualized by a body of the theoretical framework of regenerative leadership.

Participants will develop the capacity to apply and authentically feel the regenerative consciousness in their leadership fostering regenerative practices within themselves, their teams, organizations, and the wider world.

Theory & embodied learning 

We believe regenerative leadership comes from within. It starts with an inner shift in consciousness.

Therefore the attendees of this course will not only get deeper knowledge of the regenerative leadership principles emerging all over the world, but also develop an embodied regenerative experience and consciousness rooted in deepened understanding of:

  • sensory awareness
  • body-mind connection
  • authenticity
  • presence
  • agility
  • interconnectedness
  • philosophical contexts

This course is specifically designed for leaders and business professionals who recognize and long for complementing their knowledge and intellectual competency with a strong embodiment in their leadership.

It caters to individuals who are committed to building the bridge between personal growth, self-awareness, and creating a positive impact in their teams, organizations and in people, places and planet at large.



5-6 September

23-24 October


Kompagnistræde 34
1208 Copenhagen


22.500,- DKK