Project Leader Program

Projects can be big or small and vary in complexity. However, all projects entail a variety of challenges, and having the right tools, skills and experience is key to their success.

Promentum’s project leadership program gives your project management skills a solid boost. Our project leadership program will develop your skills and equip you to lead, manage and drive large-scale projects and to ensure integration into the project from start to finish. You will be taught the tools and methods to handle complexity in projects, and you will develop your role as project leader, becoming aware of your personal strengths and weaknesses. You will also be given the tools to challenge and determine the quality of a project’s outcome and impact.

Who is this program for?

The project leadership program is for people who are facing the prospect of becoming a project leader – or who are already project leaders. It is for people who want to develop their personal project leadership skills and, at the same time, gain an insight into the distinct complexities of project work.

Your course program

Module 1: Basic project development
You will be equipped to take an active part in the development of new projects and you will be given the tools to handle the most common challenges of project work.
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Module 2: Personal preferences, project management & change management
You will obtain insights into your own personal preferences and those of your project group participants when it comes to cooperating with others. You will also work with the tools for day-to-day  management of projects and change management.
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Module 3: Facilitating the collaboration of the project team
You will learn to utilize the project development tools as well as practice the basic techniques for promoting involvement and ownership on the project team, steering committee and among other key stakeholders.
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Module 4: The leadership role and conflicts as a tool for development
You will become more aware of your own behavior and that of others when it comes to conflicts and disagreements, and you will learn how to act constructively in such situations. You will improve your preparedness when it comes to preventing certain types of conflict and to using others actively in the development of your projects.
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Module 5: The project’s business case and agile approaches to project work
You will achieve greater insight into when it is worthwhile to launch a project and which considerations, besides the project itself, it is important to bear in mind. You will also be capable of alternating between the agile toolbox and the toolbox for traditional project development.
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What will you gain?

Theory and Knowledge
An understanding of internationally recognized theories and knowledge about project leadership.

Knowledge, Tools & Methodologies
Knowledge, tools and methodologies for performing the role of project leader and the opportunity to work intensively with them in practice as you lead, manage and drive large-scale projects.

Strengthen & Practice Project Leadership Skills
You will gain extensive practice in facilitating the project team’s work, creating a constructive collaborative culture and managing conflicts. You will be given the tools to instill a sense of involvement and ownership in the project stakeholders, and to communicate a change project.

In-depth Understanding of Personal Management Preferences
You will work with personal issues and challenges in connection with your own project leadership style and you will receive personal feedback on your management style.

Documented Improvement of Skills
The project leader program is carried out at a theoretic level corresponding to the B/C level of Dansk Projektlederforening’s IPMA certification, and qualifies you for subsequent IPMA certification. The IPMA certification level will depend on the participants’ specific project management experience.


Module 1

Basic Project Development

3 days

Module 2

Preferences, Project Management & Change Management

2 days

Module 3

Facilitation of the Project Team’s Cooperation

3 days

Module 4

Conflict as a Development Tool and Management

2 days

Module 5

The Project Business Case and Agile Project Management

2 days


Individual feedback

Methodology & Structure
During this program, you will work with your personal challenges in relation to project management and project leadership. In our approach, project management skills have no value in themselves. Their value depends on whether they lead to a change in your behavior as a project leader.  We therefore strive to stage and facilitate processes in way that allows you to apply the tools in practice and work with your personal action plan.

This program spans a period of six months and comprises five two- or three-day modules, excluding homework. The exam takes the form of a project kick-off workshop where you design and develop a project “live” and receive 30 minutes of individual feedback.



Module 1
11.-13. November 2020

Module 2
16.-17. December 2020

Module 3
20.-22. January 2021

Module 4
11.-12. March 2021

Module 5
19.-20. April 2021

20. May 2021

21. May 2021


Promentum A/S
Vesterbrogade 67, 2. th
1620 København V


DKK 39,500, excl. VAT.