Common Organizational Challenge #3: Low Employee Engagement and Burnout, Loss of Talent

af Lucy Vittrup Christensen | okt 23, 2023 | Artikel

This post is part of the series where we continue to unfold the regenerative solutions to common challenges experienced by our clients. Promentum Nordic strives to continuously explore and develop the regenerative practices that drive the change that is now called for. Here is a common challenge that is fast growing with direct consequence for the survival of organizations. Common Organizational Challenge #3 is about: Low Employee Engagement and Burnout, Loss of Talent

What nature does

Albeit the purpose of nature is a widely discussed subject. An indisputable purpose of nature is to create conditions for life to emerge and thrive for all humans, animals and plants. When humans connect to their purpose, evidence from e.g. happiness, research indicates that their happiness levels rise, their engagement rises, their resilience rises.

Regenerative solution

By infusing purpose and nurturing growth and understanding the interconnectedness of all roles, Regenerative Leadership can boost morale. It can also enhance job satisfaction, and breathe life into employees, thus reducing brain drain and burnout. Such an empowering approach not only attracts, but also retains and envigorates the talented workforce of coming generations.

You do that as a leader by among others conducting induction processes, where you clearly communicate the higher purpose of the organization to the employee. You can create workshops where the connection between the company’s purpose and the team member’s purpose is connected.

Transparent and equality in all communication is key, where the leader is both willing to show radical honesty and name the ‘unspoken’. As well as clearly expressing interest in the employee’s all round well being, not only their performance. The regenerative approach has systems within the organization. These systems make certain that a culture of community, inclusion and support is trained and applied all the way from the CEO to office cleaners to department leaders etc.

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