Module 5: The project’s business case and agile approaches to project work

In module 5 you will learn about the project’s business case and work with Design Thinking as a way of making your project work more agile without committing fully to software project management methods. We will return to some of what we already worked with earlier and brush it off before the exam.


The module consists of a mix of theory and practical exercises. You will work in smaller groups. 


During the module you will be working on creating a business case for a project. You will gain an insight into agile approaches to project work. You will be introduced to Design Thinking as a method of working more agile. Furthermore, you will learn how to switch between agile inspired approaches and the traditional project development tools.

You will leave the module with:

  • Insight and practice in setting up a business case for your project and knowledge on the most important considerations to bear in mind
  • Insight into different agile approaches of project management
  • Experience with Design Thinking as an agile inspired way of working with projects within a traditional framework.
  • Knowledge on how to switch between different methods within the same project
  • A set of goals in relation to your own role as a project manager
  • Opportunities for asking questions and revisiting the tools and methods of previous modules