Module 4: The leadership role and conflicts as a tool for development

In module 4 you are introduced to six directions of leadership as well as three dimensions of the leadership role. Furthermore you will work on strengthening your ability to handle different conflict situations that you inevitably will face as a project leader.


The module consists of a mix of theory and practical exercises. You will work with relevant issues in smaller groups. 


You will get the necessary tools for successfully leading a project group. You will gain insight into how you manage your own role as a project leader and where you can improve in the role. You will become more conscious of your own and others’ behavior during conflicts and disagreements, and you will learn how to act constructively during these situations. You will strengthen your ability to prevent some conflicts and actively use other conflicts in developing your projects.

This module gives you an understanding of the nature of conflicts and the project leader’s role in dealing with conflicts. 

In this module you will be acquaintanted with different styles of conflict and you will practice how to deal with conflicts in a more efficient way.

You will leave the module with:

  • Understanding of the nature of conflicts and the project leader’s role when handling conflicts in a project group
  • The ability to identify the source of conflicts
  • Knowledge of how to deal with conflicts in an efficient way
  • Tools for minimizing the number of unnecessary conflicts
  • The ability to turn conflicts into opportunities for growth and strengthening of relations