Communication Boot Camp

Have you ever attended a presentation where the speaker grabbed your attention and held it throughout the speak with engaging stories and punchlines? Some speakers completely win over the audience and leave them with a lasting impression and new insights, which they can not wait to get home and act upon.

It is exactly such a speaker this 2-day communication boot camp, can turn you into. You will acquire tools and techniques to make great presentations in future. Professional speakers follow simple principles and use concrete techniques such as structure, argumentation and narrative – moreover it is all about training your presentation skills.

How you will benefit

At the boot camp you will be introduced to useful “Brain Rules”. There is great inspiration and useful learnings to gain from recent brain research. Being a speaker it is important to maintain attention, to know how listeners perceive things – and how experiences are stored in their memory. In particular, attention is a very volatile resource in our brains. And it places special demands on your ability to communicate and maintain focus with your listeners.

What you will cover

  • You will acquire key techniques on how to deliver your messages and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.
  • You will get training in concrete tools for creating, visualizing and executing of presentations from PEST model (Passion-Simplicity-Structure-Training) and from Mind Maps.
  • You will get knowledge and training on how to use body language, your voice and vocal power to increase confidence and trust in your presentation and communication.
  • Through training and feedback you will become more aware of the strengths of your personal communication style, the impact and the authenticity.
  • By the end of this boot camp you will leave with a presentation – for example, a sales pitch or a presentation of a topic you have to teach – which is much more professional and powerful than prior to this boot camp.

Program outline

This 2-day communication boot camp include accommodation. The course starts out with a theoretical focus by an introduction to key techniques by the teacher. The rest of the day will mainly consist of group work focusing on preparing your presentation for day 2. You will be transferring the theory into practice. The work with the presentation typically continues until late. The second day consists entirely of presentations from all participants and feedback in plenary.