Module 2: Personal preferences, project management & change management

In module 2 we will shed light on the project leader’s role in establishing a constructive and collaborative culture within the project team. You will gain insight into your own personal preferences when it comes to constructively working on a project as well as the preferences your project team.

You will also work with tools for ongoing project management and change management.


The module consists of a mix of theory and practical training, and you will be working on cases in smaller groups.


You gain insight in how to identify your own and your project team’s preferences when working together. You will gain an understanding of how to work with project management. Furthermore you will learn about change management theory as well as how to work with tools for communication in that matter. 

You will leave the module with:

  • Insight into your own personal preferences when working on a project as well as in collaboration with others.
  • Understanding of the project leader’s role establishing a constructive team culture
  • Tools for ongoing project management
  • Insight into change management theory and tools for change management challenges