Module 3: Facilitating the collaboration of the project team

In module 3 you will learn how to run a project kick-off seminar, how to engage the project team and encourage ownership.

You will continue working with the tools taught in module 1, and you will practice staging and facilitating processes, which support the use of the tools for developing a project.


This module is primarily a hands-on module. There will be short theoretical lessons. You will practice and receive feedback on how to facilitate and stage the project development tools. Most of the time will be spent working on a case together with a project group.


You will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of teamwork and how to improve the processes of this work. You will learn how to use different facilitation tools as well as how to use the project development tools (from module 1) when developing a project together with your team. You will practice how to engage and encourage ownership of the project within the project team, the steering committee and among other key stakeholders.

You will leave the module with:

  • Insight into different theories concerning group dynamics, team collaboration and team development 
  • Tools for developing a constructive team culture
  • Skills for using and facilitating the most important project development tools
  • Tools for creating involvement and ownership among the key stakeholders of the project
  • Feedback on your personal way of facilitating the project team’s meetings
  • Practice in running project kick-off seminars and steering committee meetings