Module 1: Basic project development

In Module 1 you will learn how to set the direction for the project through alignment of expectations and quality definitions of the project and project results. You are introduced to project organization and the challenges associated with it.


The module will be a mix of theory and practical training on a constructed case. The case is designed to reflect your daily work as much as possible.


As a participant on “Basic project development” you will get the necessary skills to fill the role as an active team player in the development of new projects. You will get the tools to handle typical project challenges.

You will leave the module with:

  • Insight into an internationally acknowledged practice in project management
  • Insight into some of the challenges and methods of project work
  • Understanding of the organization of projects
  • Insight into the different roles needed in a project – with regards to responsibility and skills.
  • Tools for project development: Goal setting, stakeholder analysis, milestone planning and risk analysis
  • Practice in development of projects