Common Organizational Challenge #2: Siloed Thinkingt

af Lucy Vittrup Christensen | okt 2, 2023 | Artikel

At Promentum Nordic we strive to continuously explore and develop the regenerative practices that drive the change that is now called for.

This post is part of that series, where we continue to unfold regenerative solutions to commonchallenges experienced by our clients.

Common Organizational Challenge #2: Siloed Thinking

What Nature Does: The number one principle of life is connection. Everything in nature is interconnected – no connection, no life. Take a plant and remove it from soil, sun, water – and it dies. Likewise, remove connection from human life, and there is no life.

Regenerative Organizational Solution: Regenerative Leadership helps to bridge departmental silos. It encourages the interconnectedness of all parts of an organization and fosters collaboration across divisions.

Consequently it unites diverse voices, and catalyzes impactful collaboration — building ecosystems where every part thrives and contributes.

The way to bridge departmental silos is, among others to actively chose transparent communication across departments and gather team members at meetings and workshops with the clear intent of co-creating and collaborating. 

You also celebrate connection in workshops and systems of sharing knowledge, ideas and solutions across teams, departments, countries.